Deluxe Ven exercise machine

The Deluxe Ven exercise machine is a sex-toy especially developed for men.

It is a high-tech, hands-free masturbation machine that creates powerful stroking action. Durably built, it is portable, compact (15cm x 20cm x 24cm – 5 kg) and quiet. It operates on standard dual-voltage electricity (120v or 240v) so it can be used all over the world.

The Deluxe Ven exercise machine is an unmarked black box with a convenient handle for carrying. Attachments and the air box are connected with a hose set, and the remote control provides.

805 euro


It is working autonomous so you do not have to do anything. You can reach an orgasm within a few minutes or you can enjoy it over hours. The "Receiver" is moving up and down by the changing of putting air in and taking air out.

You can regulate the speed of the strokes between 8 and 300 per minute by using the remote control.

The so called "Air Control Box" regulates the intensity variable. That way the vacuum in the "Receiver" is increased or reduced, so the Liner inside is getting tighter or wider.

The Liner inside the Receiver is made of a very cosy and soft material which nearly feels like a vagina.

The Deluxe Ven exercise machine has a few advantages:

  • It is always in the mood and never gets tired.
  • You can use it as training against premature ejaculation.
  • The vacuum in the Receiver increases your penis! You could also try to use the Deluxe Ven exercise machine before having intercourse with your partner.
    The size of your penis might be a surprise.
  • The machine is not only easy to handle but also easy to clean before you use it the next time.
  • You can use the machine in nearly each position (sitting, standing, lying and so on).
  • The unit can also be used together with a partner. Your partner could control the speed and intensity.